Dongseo UniversityFacilities



Dongseo’s main campus and its Centum campus have excellent learning and recreational facilities. All classrooms are equipped with computers, air conditioners and A/V technologies. Free wi-fi access is widely available and it is easy to find interesting things to do both on campus and at nearby places.

GSI Building

Opened in 2016, the GSI Building offers various services for international students on its 7th floor and provides new classrooms specifically reserved for English-language based courses. This building will host some of the classes for ASP 2018.

New Millennium Building

The New Millennium Building hosts many of DSU’s innovation centers including the Arcade Game Regional Innovation Center, the Design Thinking School (D-School), the Public Design & Lighting Associates Space, and the multi-story Dongseo Media Outlet. Other floors in the building contain offices, conference rooms and classrooms, some of which will be used for the Asia Summer Program.

Global Village

The Global Village contains the dormitories where participants in ASP 2018 will stay. In addition to its comfortable student rooms, it has a large swimming pool, a fitness room, a sauna and spa, and modern classrooms in which some of the ASP classes will be held.

Minseok Library

Students participating in ASP 2018 will have access to the Minseok Library at Dongseo University, which contains private study rooms, areas for viewing films, and a large resource collection.

Minseok Sports Center

The Minseok Sports Center has a large indoor gymnasium for playing sports such as badminton, basketball, or volleyball during times allocated within the ASP program schedule.

Student Plaza

The Student Plaza at Dongseo University has convenient facilities for participants of ASP 2018. Underneath its full-sized football field is a spacious interior containing a 7-11, a book store, a billiard hall, as well as various restaurants and coffee shops.

Centum Campus

DSU’s second local campus is in the Haeundae District, which is well known as Busan’s center for film and media. The district is also home to the city’s longest beach and the world’s largest department store. The 18-story campus building is the location of DSU’s Im Kwon Taek College of Film and Media Arts as well as DSU’s Division of Tourism. It has state-of-the-art facilities including a world-class auditorium.