Dongseo UniversityAccommodations



Students visiting Dongseo University for ASP 2018 will stay at the dormitories in the Global Village Building. Two students will be assigned to each dormitory room, and meals will be served in a nearby student cafeteria on weekdays. Accommodations are equipped with private bathrooms, air conditioning, internet access, and communal lounge areas. Bedding is provided in the rooms but students should bring their own towels, toiletries and personal care items.

Students are strongly recommended to review the details about dormitory amenities and regulations in the Student Guide(available in the Notices section of the website) when preparing for ASP 2018.

Various facilities of the Global Village Building including the swimming pool, health club and spa will be available for use by ASP participants. Other recreation and leisure facilities will also be available, with details provided in the student and instructor guidebooks.

Instructors participating in ASP will stay in private dormitories in the same building as the students they are chaperoning. Instructors are also advised to refer to the details regarding accommodations in the Instructor Guide available in the Notices section of the website.